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Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations

 Welcome to Heintz Designs Vintage Trailer Restorations, we are centrally located in Panama City, Florida.  Our location in the panhandle of Florida enables us to provide our services throughout the southeast and beyond. We offer custom restorations for a wide variety of venues which include, but are not limited to, Vintage Trailer Coaches, Vintage Travel Trailers, Tear Drop Trailers, Canned Ham Trailers, Vintage Camping Accessories, and Much More.

Featured on Travel Channel's 'Extreme RVs' 

We have moved to a much newer and larger facility in Panama City! We are now at 3014 Lisenby Ave. Suite-12 Panama City, FL 32405. 

Heintz Designs' Vintage Restoration Team grew from the passion & hobby of its founder, Tim Heintz. For over 15 years Tim has been collecting and restoring vintage rv/trailer coaches and displaying them at vintage rv shows. Because of his love of vintage trailers Heintz Designs is committed to providing its clients with the same quality restoration that we would provide for a trailer in our own vintage collection. We enjoy and understand the excitement that is felt by a new vintage trailer owner but we also respect and appreciate the love and pride possessed by vintage trailer owners who have had their trailers for many years.

For over seven years Tim has served as the Southeastern Representative of the Tin Can Tourists, an international, vintage rv & trailer coach club and would like to invite you to visit their website at
www.tincantourists.com Here you will find other vintage trailer enthusiasts who enjoy showing and camping in their vintage rigs.

In the News Again!

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Vintage Trailer Supply

We get a lot of emails asking about vintage trailer insurance:  
Do you have insurance on your vintage trailer? Having a hard time finding a company to cover your vintage RV with agreed upon value? Get a quick and easy quote from Farm and City Insurance who specialize in RVs, including VINTAGE Rigs!We are certified to do vintage trailer apprasials for FCI/RV Advantage. See our insurance apprasial information on the "Vintage Trailers and Parts for sale" page
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CURRENT Restorations!

1951 Vagabond '34'
1951 Spartanette Tandem 30'
1955 Shasta
1961 Shasta 16-SC
1963 Mobile Scout 16'
-1959 Ellsworth Coach 11'

Coming Soon!
1959 Airstream
1963 Shasta
1959 Aristocrat
1960 Spartan Mansion
1951 Lighthouse Duplex
1957 Top Secret

Past Restorations

1962 Yellowstone 24'
1953 Viking Coach 17'
1967 Mallard 22'
1957 Airfloat Landyacht (Gold)  (Featured on Travel Channel's Extreme RVs)
1968 Serro Scotty 15'

1955 Trotwood
-1956 Jewel

-1966 Kenskill 19.5' Interior
-1957 Shasta

1972 Shasta Compact
1966 Kenskill 19.5'
-1968 Serro Scotty 13' Restoration
-1959 Fan Sunseeker
-1950 Spartanette Tandem
1956 Hicks Mobiliner

Tim Heintz's Personal Collection
- 1950 Spartanette Tandem
-1951 Lighthouse Duplex TWO STORY!
-1949 Airfloat Landyacht
1956 Hicks Mobiliner
- 1958 Skyline Deluxe
-1959 Ellsworth Coach
1960 Manorette Proto-type
- 1962 Yellowstone
- 1967 Ford Mustang
- 1969 Pontiac Bonneville

See what our customers say about us:

"We love the results of  your hard work and can’t tell you how much we appreciate your efforts to take care of all of the major items that we wanted fixed and still remain within our tight budget. If you would like to ever use us as a reference, we would be pleased to share our satisfaction as customers of yours to anyone that asks." 1957 Shasta Client

"Hi Tim, I am thrilled with my trailer! All is functional. No Leaks! Best of all, it is a unique and eye catching design that suits my personality! Thanks again for the great work" Pam S. 1972 Shasta Compact

" Pam's trailer is AMAZING!!!! It looks like a whole new trailer. I just couldn't get over the difference....." Friend of Pam S.  

"Mary and Professor Pammy's Campers look great and are getting plenty of attention this weekend. Tim did a super job. I am saving for my turn." Camilla 1960 Avion Friend of Pam S. and Mary G. who both had their trailers restored by Heintz Designs.

"Boy, did we ever get the lookers. I've never had so many poeple want to see the inside of my trailer at a non rally campout. I thin before Tim's fantastic paint job, when it was black, people were afriad they'd see a dead body. It looked so much like a hearse before. LOL" Mary G. 1966 Kenskill

Contact us today for your Vintage Trailer Restoration needs!

Heintz Designs prides itself on quality work and service. For three generations the Heintz Family has been devoted to hard work, honesty and strong work and moral ethics.

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